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How to Become a
BGRS Approved R
ealtor for Military & RCMP Relocation!
We help Realtors tap into Canada's Greatest Relocation niche
Over 14,000 Military Moves,  every year !

  • Book a Zoom consult to learn how to join BGRS' relocation Realtor list, for your Base & city area.

  • Learn how to effectively communicate  before, during and after a Military or RCMP move.

  • Obtain valuable knowledge on commission structure, Military benefits, your responsibility as a Realtor and much more. . .

  • We provide follow-up documents that answer common IRP questions, Realtors role, FAQ and much more.

  • BONUS:   learn how to leverage your newly acquired BGRS Approved Status to secure more Military Relocation Leads into your lead funnel, using your own marketing mix.

I have more Questions !

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Book your Zoom Consult 

Learn How to sign up with BGRS List, work with Military clients and more.


 Military Relocation Zoom Consult 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many Military Moves across Canada, each year ? 

  • According to BGRS, there are 14,000 moves annually, across Canada. This is the greatest relocation niche in Canada, period ! Gov paid relocation with no downturn too!  Add to that, RCMP relocation adds over 2200 further moves,  as well. 

Who is this Zoom Consultation for ?

  • Any licensed Realtor® in Canada, whom has been a Realtor for a two year minimum period.  THis is tailored for those whom would like to understand how to become a BGRS Approved Realtor, Real Estate Rental Agent and more. 

Are you BGRS & do you handle Registration ?

  • No, we are not directly affiliated with BGRS, though we have helped many Realtors simplify the complicated process.  Allow us to help you navigate Realtor requirements, direct you to the application process, understand Military benefits, their HHT process and more.  

What is your background?

  • With over 20 years as National Marketing Contractor with Department of National Defence (DND),  there's a knowledge of Military relocation (IRP) . We have helped over hundred Realtors sign up with BGRS and/ore advertise their Military relocation status, across Canada.   

Why do you offer this service ?

  • We know the importance of what qualified BGRS Approved Realtor plays in helping Military & RCMP navigate a stressful posting move. We also know of the leads that Military can get, just for being listed well with BGRS. We'll also consult you on how to best communicate with BGRS, what the BGRS app is used for and much more.

What are the steps for setting up a paid Zoom consultation, to help Realtors find out how to get signed up with BGRS list?

  • If you've been a Realtor in good standing for 2 years or longer, contact Us to set-up a Zoom. We will walk you through all the steps, to get you signed up with BGRS and get on their list.  The Zoom meeting itself takes less than 40 minutes.  After the meeting, we will send you a couple of  important next steps Q & A reference documents and a "what to expect" Military specific cheat-sheet, and a Relocation summary booklet that briefs you on Military requirements and entitlements, so that you're fully educated on the relocation process, itself. 

  • As a BONUS, we can also share avenues on how to leverage your new BGRS approved status, to secure even more relocation leads, into your sales funnel.

To book a Zoom Consultation : 

    To Book: Contact Us >

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Further Marketing Route:


Are you Interested in Advertising at Military Bases, during Posting Season ? 

Advertise on any feeder Military Base through Print / Flyer Insertions / Base Signage / Base Tradeshows and more. . . Advertise, before Military arrive on their HHT (House Hunting Trips). .

More Info  :

Note that we are not affiliated with DND, BGRS or it's subsidies. 

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