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How to Become a
Military Relocation Realtor!


  • Step by step instruction on where and how to navigate BGRS to get on their relocation list, with goal of securing leads.

  • How and what to communicate with BGRS during a Military move.  What the commission structure is per Province.

  • How to increase your exposure to improve your odds of receiving leads from BGRS list.

  • A follow up next steps document that summarizes common questions and action items. 

  • BONUS:  how to further market your Real Estate services to further tap into 14,000 annual Military moves !

Next Step: book a 30 Minute Zoom consultation:  Contact Us >

Become a BGRS Realtor


 99 + gst

30 Min Zoom Consultation 

Learn Steps to get on BGRS List,
at any Military Base area in Canada

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Though we are not affiliated with BGRS or DND, we are familiar with Military IRP and can consult you on how to be listed on  BGRS Approved Realtor list, to help you gain more Military clientelle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many Military Moves happen in  Canada? 

  • According to BGRS themselves, there are 14,000 moves annually, across Canada. This is the greatest niche for guaranteed relocation in Canada. Gov paid with no downturn too!

Who is this Zoom Consultation for ?

  • Any interested licensed Realtor® in Canada who wants to understand how to become a BGRS Approved Realtor, to be featured on their approved list.

Are you BGRS & do you handle Registration ?

  • No, we are not affiliated with BGRS or DND.  We simply consult you on how to navigate the process and get on the BGRS Approved list.

What is your background?

  • Having nearly 20 years of Military Base Marketing experience within the Department of National Defence (DND) as a National Marketing Contractor, we understand Military relocation (IRP) and the importance that a qualified BGRS Approved Realtor plays in helping Military navigate a stressful Change of Strength (COS). 

What are the steps for setting up a Zoom consultation?

  • Simply click "Select" tab above or  fill out a quick Stripe one-time e-invoice for $99 plus gst.  We take debit and almost all credit cards. Once payment is confirmed, we will email you soonest  to set up a s30 min Zoom consult, that works best for you. After the meetings, we will send you an important next steps Q & A reference booklet, to summarize our chat.

What are the steps for setting up a Zoom consultation?

  •    Email us here to set up your Zoom Appointment or (if pressing) simply fill out Stripe Payment.  We would then be in touch soonest, to schedule or Zoom chat.  

Further Questions?

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* not affiliated with DND, nor BGRS 

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