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Before Your HHT

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Selling a home and heading out on a Military HHT is an exciting step in anyone’s life. But there’s no denying it’s a major undertaking. Here are key steps to remember whether you’re buying or selling:

1. Register with BGRS :


After you have received your Posting Message with your COS date, register with Brookefield Global Relocation Services (BGRS) online. They will provide official authorization along with specific check-lists and steps that you’ll need to take. You’ll also learn of your HHT benefits and entitlements. On receipt of Posting Message, proceed to pre-register at

2. Ideally, list and sell your current residence prior to your HHT:


Best route is to ensure your home is sold (not pending), prior to contacting your BGRS Rep for your new HHT. Our local BGRS Approved Realtors can help you list your home soonest. The more time you have between your HHT and your COS dates, the more properties would be available to you to consider.


3. Understand the DND Clause and get pre-approved, prior to your HHT:


To ease the stress of your HHT, look to be pre-approved for your mortgage prior to your HHT. You need to work with a Mortgage Broker or bank that is familiar with Military needs and offers the DND Clause. We have a team of mortgage brokers have worked with others just like you and we are ready to share our knowledge, connections and expertise with you. Get Pre-Approved by reaching out to a Mortgage team.


To answer more questions on your HHT, go to our FAQ section.

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