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Simplifying Mortgages for Military & RCMP

By Veterans,  for Veterans and Military.   Our Defence Mortgage Solutions Team and Veteran Julie McAlpine CD,  assists active and retired CAF and RCMP families, across Canada. Our unique advantage lies in deep understanding of military processes and BGRS intricacies, including BGRS mortgage-related claims, ensuring a seamless transition, nationwide.


Defence Mortgage Solutions Team is your ally in understanding CAF/RCMP Relocation Directives, BGRS and entitlements to help make relocation as seamless as possible. 


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Julie McAlpine, CD

Founder / Team Leader

Phone : 1-833-608-2232

Best Military Mortgage Rates Canada

DLC National’s Defence Mortgage Solutions Team

Whether you purchase during your HHT or refinancing your current home, selecting the right mortgage is crucial. Our team understands BGRS and is dedicated to helping you secure the ideal financing to meet your needs, ensuring your CAF/RCMP relocation is as smooth as possible.

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Why Choose Defence Mortgage Solutions ?

- Team Leader/Founder, Julie McAlpine, is a Veteran & Military spouse, contributingspecialized relocation mortgage experience 

- We possess in-depth knowledge of BGRS and its requirements.

- Access to lenders who support the Defence Community, safeguarding from future large expenses at the following relocation.

- Introductions to 3rd Party Service Providers. Working for you, not the banks. 

- We provide a complimentary assessment and supporting documentation for all mortgage-related claims.

- We've got you covered whether you're purchasing, renewing, or refinancing to tap into your home equity.

Secure your streamlined Mortgage solution !

We assist Defence Members by helping reduce financial risks and limitations imposed by relocation benefits.  Tailored financing options,  to maximize relocation claims.   " 

Hilary Robert

Hands down the best contact for financing if you are a Miltiary family

What People Are Saying

Tracy Garton

I have seen Julie McAlpine and her team go out of their way to help clients ... above and beyond. 

Sophia Song

Julie is amazing at what she does And, just a sweet person, in general.

Julie McAlpine Headshot.jpg

DLC National’s Defence Mortgage Solutions Team

Julie McAlpine, CD

Founder / Team Leader

Phone : 1-833-608-2232

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