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  HHT Explained.  

What are the steps for registering your HHT?

After having met with your Career Manager you'll have a good idea of the Bases you may be Posted to.  When you finally receive your official Posting Message, you can choose your Realtor and/or pre-register with BGRS. Use  their mobile app to thenn complete a Preliminary Relocation Assessment, eventually then you'll be able to book a Planning Session. Be sure to also visit the Finances section to see your Move Budget and navigate the other Posting tools.  Also a good idea to get Pre-Approved, Mortgage wise, so that you're ready to go for securing your home on HHT.  For information on how to register with BGRS for your HHT,  click here.

I have my posting message but haven’t connected with my BGRS rep yet, can I still  list my home?

Yes. During the peak of Posting Season, some Military members have experienced a long wait in working with  BGRS.  You can certainly list your home for sale or even selling your property before you finalize all  with your Brookfield rep. Our Realtor team can help you through this process.

Is BGRS pre-registration the same as the registration?

How far ahead of my COS date should I plan my HHT?

A few months is best, ideally. This allows the sellers at your posted designation enough time to find their new home and it opens up more options. Generally speaking, the  closer your HHT is to your COS date, the better, your HHT Realtor will help with the process.    

Once your file has been authorized Department Coordinator the system will match the information from your employer with your pre-registration and send your password and User ID via email. You will then be able to complete the registration process.

Should I list and sell my current residence prior to booking an HHT ?

Do I need permission from BGRS to list my home?

Ideallly, ensure your home is sold (not pending) prior to contacting your BGRS Rep for your new HHT.  Our local HHT Realtors can help you list your home soonest. The more time you have between your HHT and your COS dates, the more properties would be available to you to consider

No,  but  recommend that you liase with BGRS as there may be  specific capped ceiling rates and eligibility requirements that apply to home sale benefits. You will want to make sure you communicate timelines so that you aren’t excluded from eligibility of certain benefits.

What are TPSP or BGRS approved suppliers?

Am I charged for my HHT, even if I don’t find a home?

Mortgage wise, what is the DND Clause and should I get pre-approved? 

Third-Party Service Providers (TPSP) and Brookefield Global Relocation Services (BGRS) approved Realtors are service suppliers who have registered with BGRS and  provide specialized services such as real estate services, appraisals, property inspection and Lawyers services for your HHT, across Canada.

No, a Military member who has taken an HHT, and who subsequently decides not to relocate, will not be required to reimburse the cost of the HHT.

Can I book my own travel and moving company?

Not exactly, BGRS is not authorized to reimburse travel you have booked and paid  as commercial travel via train and air must be facilitated through BGRS to American Express Travel once DND has approved the travel and supplied a Travel Authorization Number (TAN).

Yes,  ideally you should get pre-approved prior to your HHT. You need to work with a Mortgage Broker or bank that is familiar with Military needs and offers the DND Clause.  We have a team of mortgage brokers have worked with others just like you and we are ready to share our knowledge, connections and expertise with you.  Get Pre-Approved. 

How does relocation funding work?

What happens if I can’t sell my current residence?

There are relocation benefits in place to assist with the financial burden of dual residency. Your Advisor will discuss the temporary dual residence assistance benefits with you and review your options so you can decide which option is best for you and your family. If your property is sitting vacant, it’s a good idea to have  someone checkin on it, for insurance purposes and peace of mind.

What is PLD at my destination Base?

To view an explanation of Post Living Differential and a link to the current PLD per Base, view Blog Article PLDF info here.

CAF members add their banking information to their profile on the Member Secure Website.  They must then request an advance or make a claim through BGRS to receive the funds.  The money is then distributed through EFT funds. Important that CAF Members ensure that advance of funds are requested in anticipation of incurring the expenses. Once an advance of funds is approved by BGRS, it takes approximately 7 business days (or less) for the funds to be sent.

Can I submit more receipts even though I’ve done my final move claim?

Yes, it's possible for CAF members to submit another claim for your eligible relocation expenses as long as they are within CAF RP policy as well as meeting their time limitation.   

See  Military & RCMP Relocation Tools here. 

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