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Military Family Relocation Tools.

Resources for the Unique Challenges of Military Relocation.

Military moves can be daunting. We've heard from service members and their families that they are facing challenges unlike any of their civilian counterparts. Our brave Military members take on a job, facing many forms of stress.  One thing that most Military families can relate to is the exciting, sad, happy, draining, often frustrating experience of an IRP move.

No matter how many times you have moved, information that can help improve your move experience is always useful. Use our resources below as a good place to start gathering information. 

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Want more info on BGRS ?   

BGRS Q & A here

Q & A on your COS or your HHT:

 Click here. 

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Military relocation can be confusing. Gain peace of mind by learning the facts of navigating your next move.


Need help with your Military / RCMP Move?

Choose our network of BGRS Approved Realtors and Military Mortgage Specialists to help navigate your next move.

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