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Our Realtors Help RCMP MOVE !

As an RCMP member, you deserve a relocation service that understands your specific needs. Our team of BGRS Approved Realtors across Canada have the expertise to support you and your family through the entire relocation process. From navigating the RCMP Relocation Directive to finding the perfect home, we’re here to help.


We understand the unique challenges, that's why we are committed to providing you with the best possible service when it comes to finding your new home.


How does it work?


Our Military Relocation Realtors are also RCMP Relocation Approved. Once you've connected to one of our BGRS Approved Realtors, we will work with you to find the best search criteria and top must-haves for your home purchase.  

Then what?

 We would then enter this information into our home search database. From there, you will start receiving emails matching the criteria you have provided via your own personal MLS portal. We would then design a plan that suits your time schedule, to find the home that fits you best. 



How much time do I have to find a home, when I'm Posted to a new RCMP location?

What are the relocation rules for  RCMP ?

 I haven't sold my house here. Can I go on my HHT trip before it sells ? 

 I haven't sold my house here. Can I go on my HHT trip before it sells ? 

Curious about what expenses are covered. Where can I read more about what's covered during my Relocation ?

You basically have a short window to purchase a house in a city that you may not be familiar with. It is a daunting task! Start Your RCMP Relocation home search today by reaching out to one of our relocation Realtors. We'll help you through every step of your timeline.

THE RCMP provide their members with a relocation entitlement service. It’s important to note that before you receive any relocation or travel expenses, you must meet the “40 km Rule”. This means that if you're moving at least 40 km closer to your new place of duty from your pre-engagement place of residence, by the shortest usual public route, you'll be fully covered for your expenses.

A question that we are frequently asked is whether you can go on a House Hunting Trip (HHT) before selling your current home. While there are some exceptions, it's usually not a good idea. Our experienced team can help you understand the ins and outs of the relocation process, including when to embark on an HHT. Reach out to us for expert guidance and support.

Generally speaking, recommend approx two months  would be a good time given the fact that the average closing date is 6 - 8 weeks

View the RCMP Relocation Directive here that includes info on purposes, scope, accommodation, travel expenses and much more . . .  view RCMP Relocation PDF here.


RCMP Relocation Q & A :

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