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What is BGRS (Brookefield Global Relocation Service ) ? 

On Military IRP with an upcoming HHT, what are the steps to navigate BGRS ?

BGRS is short for " Brookefield Global Relocation Services " and currently has the Internal Relocation Program (IRP) contract for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).  Originally,  their sub-company Royal LePage had the contract, then they reshuffled their name to their parent company BGRS  (Brookefield Global Relocation Services.).  Their directive is to provide guidance, information, and assistance to Military prior to, during and post HHT

NEW: a updated BGRS policy is for Military to now complete their relocation process electronically, through their BGRS App, downloadable on both desktop and smart-phone. 

Can I meet up with someone at BGRS on Base to discuss my families future? 

No !  All of a sudden on December 1st 2017,  BGRS no longer provides any in-person BGRS Rep at any Base in Canada. Gone are the days when you could walk into a Base Orderly Room and talk to a BGRS Relocation Rep face to face. Instead,  they have a fancy BGRS App that they want you to download and register with. Then, once you've completed a few steps, finally a BGRS Rep that will be assigned to your file (more info provided in this FAQ).  

I've been officially Posted ! When do I register with BGRS?

After you have received your Posting Message with your COS date, register with Brookefield Global Relocation Services (BGRS) online.  They  will provide official authorization along with specific check-lists and steps that you’ll need to take. You’ll also learn of your HHT benefits and entitlements.  

Why this BGRS FAQ ?

Simply put, navigating BGRS (Brookefield Global Relocation Services ) can be more than a bit confusing, frustrating and stressful. A ton of important info is only accessible beyond their App wall and with there being zero BGRS Rep on Base,  creates more questions, especially for MIlitary who are tasked with their first COS.  To be fair, the BGRS App is improving all the time but we're hoping this info makes things easier for you to understand.. You really won't know answers to your questions until you know your COS and have signed up and downloaded their BGRS App. Once a Rep has been assigned to you, things will get easier.

I would like even more detailed information on BGRS, my HHT , my entitlements and more...

Well, you're in luck. There is a really large Government grade document located here.  It's rather in-depth and cumbersome to read but it's a quick synopsis of topics such as: 

1.   Military HHT & DIT Benefits

2.  Interim Lodgings, Meals & Misc Expenses (ILM&M)

3.  Sale and Purchase of a Residence

4.  Specific moves within Canada etc. . . 
Read more regarding the  Canadian Armed Forces Relocation Directive (CAFRD) here:

What is BGRS Canadian Forces Phone Number ?

Is there a BGRS Summary Book? 

Yes, view detailed relocation summary BGRS Guide Book on BGRS, their mandate, procedures:  PDF here

After having met with your Career Manager you'll have a good idea of the Bases you may be Posted to.  When you finally receive your official Posting Message, you can choose your Realtor and/or pre-register with BGRS. Use  their mobile app to then complete a Preliminary Relocation Assessment, eventually then you'll be able to book a Planning Session. Be sure to also visit the Finances section to see your Move Budget and navigate the other Posting tools.  Also a good idea to get Pre-Approved, Mortgage wise, so that you're ready to go for securing your home on HHT.  Reach out to team of Lenders.

Is pre-registration the same as the registration?

Once your file has been authorized Department Coordinator the system will match the information from your employer with your pre-registration and send your password and User ID via email. You will then be able to complete the registration process.

How do I register with BGRS for my COS ?

If you have received your Posting Message & ideally know your COS, you can then proceed to register with BGRS. You will find detailed BGRS registration details here.   The good news is that they are pretty quick and generally within one business day you'd receive Relocation Assistance Package, called the the "APS 22 Relocation Package".  The Package includes an email tailored specifically for you that highlights important relocation, BGRS & HHT info.  Also includes Relocation Assistance Document (RAD) to help you navigate the next steps. 

What’s next after I’ve registered and have the App?

On successful registration, a Brookfield Advisor will be assigned and contact you within a few business days to discuss your relocation intentions and book your 1st Planning Session. To simplify things and stay ahead of other buyers on your HHT , we  recommend getting a Mortgage pre-approval. Consider our BGRS familiar Mortgage team here.

I believe I am being posted, can I call BGRS with my questions?

No, not officially but yes !  BGRS have hidden their phone numbers because their new mandate (since Dec 2017) is to only provide customer service as the following is satisfied:

1.  once you have received your Posting Message.

2. once your CAF Chain of Command has provided authorization for the move

3. lastly, once you have created an account with BGRS.   

That said, go ahead and access the CAF Relocation Program Overview presentation for more Q & A online because no registration required.  That said,  we tracked down a phone number, ​their often hidden BGRS phone number is  1 -844-447-5520

I'm a Realtor.  How to get on the BGRS Approved Realtor listfor my Military Base area?

If you are a Realtor (with two years min), Home Inspector , Lawyer or Rental Search Agent and would like help on how to register to become BGRS Approved., we offer a paid Zoom Consultation package that helps you navigate applying and teaches you how to leverage your new BGRS Approved status. Click here for info.

I have further questions on HHT.

Well, we  have further answers for you :  here. 

I'm Military.  What BGRS Approved Realtors do you recommend?

Yes, view Base Specific BGRS Approved Realtors here. 

If you've found this useful and are relocating, consider our skilled BGRS Approved Realtors ,as well as Mortgage Reps, across Canada. 

See  Military & RCMP Relocation Tools here. 

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