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Military Discounts in Canada.

View exclusive Military deals and promotions offered to all active-duty Military personnel, DND, veterans and their families.  You will find affordable services and products to those who have given so much to our country. From travel discounts to retail discounts, view a wide range of military discounts, deals and more. View list link below.

Background on Military Discounts  : 

Previously, most Canadian Armed Forces Bases operated their own local Military Discount marketing programs, listing discounts and incentives.  Then, HQ Ottawa shut down local Base lists and formed one centralized Military Discount program called . Then, CFMW folded CF Appreciation into their CFOne hub. 


In order for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) & DND and veterans to view local discounts, they would now be required to apply for a CFOne card, then receive a password, then shop a centralized hub at , to find their local and national Military discounts.

View Military Discount List :

To simplify, immediately you can view's unofficial centralized list of Military Discounts here : Military Discounts PDF.  Or, apply for CFOne Card here.   View  further Military Discount FAQ below.

Military Discounts Canada FAQ

Is there a Military Discount List in Canada ? 

Yes, Canada has a Military Discount list which is can be found (up-to-date) at CFMWS here.

Do I have to show Military ID ? 

Yes, most vendors will require Military ID, DND ID or a CFOne Card. 

Can I secure discounts without a CFOne Card?

Yes, most vendors will be proud to offer a Military Discount or incentive, with valid Military or DND ID.

Does Costco have military discount on membership?

Frequently asked question! New members revieve Costco Shop Card but no discounted memberships. 

How much is the Military Discount on Via Rail ?

VIA Rail offer 25% off the best available fares throughout the year (for most Train travel classes).  Link here.

Which stores offer a Military Discount, in Canada ?

View Dealhack's unofficial list of Military Discounts : Dealhack PDF here or go to official CFOne here.

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