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| Greenwood, NS

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| Greenwood, Nova Scotia

14 Wing Greenwood is Canada’s “East Coast Super Wing” – the largest Royal Canadian Air Force base east of Trenton - focused on long range patrol as well as search & rescue.


Family and community are at the forefront of what makes CFB Greenwood a wonderful Base to work at and live near. As the Annapolis Valley’s largest single site employer, the Base employs over 2,300 people, between Regular and Reserve force members, civilians and contractors. During the summer, the Wing population increases as home to the Atlantic Region Cadet Summer Training program. 


Greenwood is a sought after posting for military families. Many Military families choose to  purchase or build their own homes within the vibrant communities surrounding the Base.  The 14 Wing Community Centre boasts 26 special interest and sports programs,  library, a family lake-side campground, an 18-hole golf course, a large fitness and sports centre with an array of programs, indoor and outdoor pools, curling and hockey rinks, a bowling alley and more.


The Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre offers essential supports for deployed personnel and their families, children’s programs and care arrangements, educational and social programs. The base also has a unique partnership with local health agencies to offer a family medical clinic to 14 Wing dependents. The Greenwood Military Aviation Museum is a landmark facility, detailing the 70-plus year history of Greenwood military history.


Greenwood and the local community offers a range of programs, services and shopping; located an hour-and-a-half from Halifax, families posted here are also able to access major sporting events and concerts, the provincial airport, larger recreational facilities and programs and special needs relatively easily. The beauty of the Annapolis Valley and its festivals, services and people ensure 14 Wing personnel enjoy their stay – in fact, many who have been posted to CFB Greenwood return to the Valley in their retirement and continue to contribute to the community.


 We welcome you to Greenwood ! 

CFB Greenwood Base Services:  

14 Wing Welcome

14 Wing Greenwood PSP

14 Wing Greenwood Aurora Newspaper

CFB Greenwood – Greenwood Gardens Arena

Atlantic Region Cadet Summer Training program. 

Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre



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