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 BGRS Guide 

Your IRP Tool to Navigate BGRS. 

Helping You Secure a Successful Military Posting !

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What is BGRS Relocation ? 

As of December 1, 2017,   face-to-face services by a BGRS advisor at each Base  was replaced with 'online access' only.   Now Military are forced to download an App.   BGRS had let alot of their staff go and have since established a new centralized contact centre,   BGRS staff are to be  present (at certain hours) to help  CAF members  through their IRP process. Working primarily through the new BGRS App Posted Military would receive estimates for expenses, view tasks and timelines, as well as view financial info & benefits, according to their particular COS . If you're new to the Military or have a new COS,  download the BGRS app from your App Store.  For more information, we also have an in depth BGRS FAQ section here .

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Is there still such a thing as a  BGRS Phone Number ?

Generally speaking, BGRS has worked hard to hide their phone number from the internet including where it once was at   BGRS > Contact US That said, our team has secured an actual 1-800 number where you may be able to talk to a real person.  Though they would prefer you to use their BGRS App, here's BGRS Canadian Forces direct phone number  :  1-844-447-5520.

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With the relatively new centralized BGRS contact centre, The new BGRS model is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all Military on relocation. Here, you'd receive estimates for expenses, see your tasks, timelines, deadlines and financial information based on your benefits. Use their new App to navigate everything from your relocation budget, to process expense claims and more. Military members will now  be given a “cash card” so families will no longer have to pay up-front.  The new reloadable declining balance "ReloCard" will provide money upfront to cover relocation expenses from meals to Lawyer to hotels and more. Read more BGRS FAQ here.  

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It's important that you choose an " approved BGRS Supplier" in order to make sure all the rules and conditions are followed, so that you can be reimbursed.  BGRS Approved Realtors understand BGRS requirements.   Same thing with Mortgage Pre-Approvals for Posted Military.  It's important to choose a Mortgage Rep or Bank that can help you navigate the DND Clause, so that you're not stuck with a big Mortgage penalty, on your next COS IRP.  We have a list of Mortgage Reps near Military Bases, that specialize in Military relocation and can secure the best rates for you. View Mortgage Rep list here.

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Suddenly, there's now an App for that ! As mentioned above, now with zero BGRS Reps on any Base, Posted Military are now required to go online and download a BGRS App and login, to help "simplify" their IRP.  You can download the BGRS App from your App store.  Quick tip, search " BGRS Guide ", wherever you get your Apps.

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 ABC's of Military Postings
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Need help with your Move?

Choose our network of BGRS Approved Realtors and Military Mortgage Specialists to help navigate BGRS.

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