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Post Living Differential (PLD)
Was Re-Named : 
 Provisional Post-Living Differential * 
Then, suddenly Re-Branded to :  
Canadian Forces Housing Differential Amount


Canada's Military Post Living Differential (PLD) was an allowance designed to stabilize the cost of living of Canadian Military members and their families. The mandate is that Posted Military be able to enjoy a relative and predictable cost of living at their destination Base, no matter where they serve, throughout Canada.  Various Posting Bases / cities would receive a monthly stipend, on top of their salaries, for the higher cost of living.  As of November 2023, it's now being rebranded to PPLD, from PLD.



Provisional Post-Living Differential (PPLD)


What is the new Provisional-Post-Living Differential (PPLD)? 

The answer is a little complicated. PLD  will gradually decrease between July 2023 and July 2026 and then disappear completely.  PLD changes are specific to your trade, your area, your rank and much more but in general the switch is for lower ranks to receive more support and senior ranks receive less.  As every CAF members’ circumstances are unique and will also uniquely change from one year to the next with promotion, pay-incentive level changes, and change in living status with other CAF member(s), it's recommended that you study the new directive below, now suddenly called Housing Differential Chart in 2024, onwards. It's a bit complicated but worth studying.  * Keep in mind that we are not affiliated with DND, nor BGRS and as such, we're still hoping to decipher and translate these complicated changes to our Military community.

Canadian Military PLD - Background

Efforts to obtain a cost of living benefit for Military go back to at least the mid 1980s when the CAF surveyed selected Military locations and determined variations in cost of living (per Base) and the effects it had on Military & families Postings. In late 1990s the Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs (SCONDVA) recommended and approved the implementation of PLD, making the allowance the first of it’s kind within the Federal Government of Canada.


How did PLD work?

The PLD works to stabilize the cost of living for CAF Members. PLD is paid monthly on top of salaries of CAF Members. PLD varies per locations within Canada dependent on the location cost of living. Link to latest PLD per Base chart link is below.


How was PLD Calculated?

Each year, during March timeframe, each Base PLD rate is based on the following:  CMHC's data on typical housing types and costs. National Defence data on Military population and local impact on economy. Once annual data is compiled, changes to PLD are calculated by May. By June/July the new figures are entered into the CAF pay system and the changes are announced to Military & families. By August, CAF Members will see the changes on their monthly pay statements.


Was PLD a taxable benefit ?

Yes, PLD is taxed. As a result, an increment is added when calculating the rates to offset the income tax paid on the allowance. This means the allowance involves marginal tax allowance for loss through taxation.  Will PPLD be a taxable benefit as well ?  Absolutely!


What was PLD at my Military Base?

For prior PLD amounts (which are now being fazed out for PPLD purposes), click on Base Post Living Differential (PLD) chart:  Military PLD hereRemember new PPLD is being introduced.

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 NEW for 2024* 

PPLD is now called 

Canadian Forces Housing Differential 

View more info for CAF Housing Chart per Base & City Area

by clicking image below

Canadian Forces Housing Differential Chart.jpg
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