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Canadian Forces Housing Differential Amount Chart 

Housing allowance for Canadian Forces in 2024 / 2025

Chart per Base & City Areas *

Canadian Forces Housing Differential Chart.jpg

*Credit > Military Benefits.  Effective 1 July 2023.  This website is not affiliated with DND

View per city and Base by clicking image above or viewing CAF Housing Differencial PDF here. Lots of changes when it comes to housing allowance.  What was previously called Post Living Differential (PLD), was then called PPLD, is now called the Canadian Forces Housing Differential Amount.  PLD and PPLD is now fazed out.

Answer cited direct from Gov of Canada 

"The Canadian Forces Housing Differential (CFHD) policy is a sophisticated approach (inclusive of GBA+ analysis) with the goal of assisting CAF members in adjusting to housing costs in different locations within Canada. Thus, providing military members (when applicable) an equitable differential for housing costs when posted to a place of duty". 

See Further Military & RCMP Relocation Tools here. 

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